The Field Museum / #SpotAWarrior

An iconic Chicago institution created big social buzz by bringing their latest flagship exhibit, China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors, outside of the museum and into the city. NOTICE was there to capture the magic and create sticky, platform-native social content.

Compelling Videos for Facebook

Each video built for Facebook's mobile news feed incorporated text overlays and tightly controlled shots for the best experience on a smartphone.

Crowds couldn't resist engaging with the Terracotta Warriors. Combined with high traffic urban areas, millions of impressions were generated via organic social content.

360 Video for the Mobile Newsfeed

Behind the scenes 360 video experiences earn big attention in the social news feed and transport the viewer directly to the experience through native YouTube and Facebook support.

9 Iconic Chicago Locations, 25 Days of Social Content

Collecting and processing this much content is no easy task! Thankfully, NOTICE is built from the ground up for efficient, rich content creation.

Influencer Activation in Social Media Creates a Viral Effect

Top local market influencers participated in each leg of the campaign, virtually guaranteeing campaign virality and engagement - on and offline.

Boosting Campaign Engagement with Snapchat Custom Geofilters and Pokémon Go

NOTICE employed the latest opportunities to boost social engagement where consumers live. Including key apps where US adults are spending the majority of their time means less friction from view to engagement while creating lasting memories.