Business Traveler Survey Shows Affluent Travelers Are Deal Hunters / by Nicholas Kinports

Business Leaders Are Willing to Spend Time Researching the System to Beat It

In our Annual Business Traveler Tech Survey of small and medium-sized business owners NOTICE asked over 300 frequent travel respondents which secret fare websites and apps they use to save time, money, and achieve upgraded flight and hotel status when traveling on business.

Widely regarded as the most lucrative travel segment, business travelers are now employing tricks to game the system on a global level. The results of our study were surprising, showing how fast secret deal websites and apps have gained adoption amongst savvy business travelers.

We were surprised to see such wide adoption of Google Flights 5 years after the product launched with relatively little interest. Recent renewed efforts by Google to market the tool as a data-driven alternative to travel agents has undoubtedly made an impact amongst business travelers looking for a simple solution with reliable automated updates on fares.

It is noteworthy that the Southern United States reports the most frequent use of secret deal websites for travel bookings. This may have to do with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport taking the crown as the country’s busiest airport, as international travelers tend to seek more comfort via upgrades and better pricing on long leg flights.