NOTICE Completes The State of eCommerce 2018 Study by Nicholas Kinports

Working in partnership with Google, Facebook, Shopify, and more, NOTICE has completed one of the most comprehensive studies of eCommerce adoption by US consumers. The State of eCommerce 2018 study covers changing behaviors as consumers move to make more purchase decisions remotely, consummate with the rise in adoption of Amazon Prime, Shopify, last mile shipping startups, and other essential parts of the eCommerce supply chain.

Key details addressed in the report include:

  • Overall consumer adoption of eCommerce by demographic, device, and platform
  • Consumer perception of brand-owned eCommerce platforms vs. Amazon
  • The changing role of search engines in eCommerce
  • Key effects of Shopify and Amazon on the global advertising ecosystem
  • Effectiveness of digital marketing channels in the current eCommerce evironment
  • Trends and predictions for the coming year of eCommerce

The full report will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2018. Current NOTICE clients will received a free copy of the report prior to public release. Sponsors of the report include endive, Pallina Designs, and PodSquad. Press and brand inquiries may be addressed by emailing

EVP Strategy Nicholas Kinports Shares Why the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 Are Becoming Favorites Among Jetsetters by Nicholas Kinports

Sure, all the cool kids have them, but that alone is not what makes the Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 must have toys for travel junkies.

The features causing travelers to drool, even now, weeks after the fanfare surrounding the mid-September release of the two products has died down, include such things as a camera on the new iPhone that singlehandedly improves your Instagram game, and an extended battery life for the phone that makes a serious dent in those all to familiar airport searches for a power outlet.

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