Instagram Private Pod Submission: Rapid New Followers Growth

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Instagram Private Pod Submission: Rapid New Followers Growth

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Leverage our agency network and boost your Instagram brand with a submission to our private pods. Groups includes lifestyle, travel, fashion, and general market from around the world. A single submission to our private pod groups will boost your account by at least 1,000, 5,000, or 25,000 real followers within the first week of submission. Questions? See FAQ below.

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Instagram Pod Submission Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work exactly?

We manage and maintain private groups of over 250,000 Instagram users dedicated to supporting each other and exploring new content.

Is this allowed by Instagram?

Yes. Because this is a submission of your Instagram account to a private group of real people, it falls within Instagram guidelines. You are paying for the submission, not for the followers.

Will I really get 1,000 new followers? What if I don’t?

You will receive at least 1,000 new followers within a week of payment. This is due simply to the size of the pod. Depending on your account, you may get many more.

What if people unfollow me?

We will track your account for 30 days after payment. If the pod submission does not generate at least 1,000 new followers, or if those followers unfollow you, we will submit again until at least 1,000 sustained new followers are achieved.

Can I request for a submission more than once?

Depending on your payment level, we will submit to a number of our private pods on your behalf. You simply select your goal follower count and let us do the rest. You may buy as many submissions as you require to achieve a specific follower count.